Simmons Mag Wheels

Simmons’ custom 3-piece wheel program has allowed them to maximise fitment without the limitations of one-piece wheels, resulting in Simmons Wheels being recognised worldwide as wheels of distinction. In order to achieve the most aggressive appearance for Simmons mag wheels, wheel fitment specialists have worked hard to find the ideal balance between required brake clearance and maximum outer lip depth.

Choose From a Comprehensive Range

Simmons mag wheels are available for a wide variety of luxury and performance cars, in diameters including 17”, 18”, 19”, 20” and 22”. Simmons’ high-tech 3 piece wheels combine an elite look with technically correct components. Each individual component in these wheels boasts impressive structural integrity – and this is maintained and enhanced by the exacting and precise wheel assembly process. In order to ensure the highest standards of structural integrity, Simmons also supplies a proprietary fastener that is specific to its 3-piece wheels.


In addition to supplying a wide range of Simmons, The Mag Wheel Centre can also repair them. This is a remote service – you deliver the wheels via freight, and we’ll fix them and return them. Alternatively, you can visit our Braeside shop for repairs – but please call ahead to ensure we are in the office.

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